For Coaches

Why should I become an Ageless Taekwondo Coach?

Feeling inspired by this great program? Why not become an accredited coach!


There are many reasons to get involved in the Ageless Taekwondo program as a coach:

  • Having a suite of coaching resources that will allow you to deliver this modified Taekwondo program.

  • Reaching a new group of potential participants to grow your business.

  • Gain experience in working with older Australians.

  • Giving back to the local community by delivering positive health outcomes to members of the community.

  • Being supported by Australian Taekwondo in the delivery and administration of the program.

Coach Expectations
  • Complete the coach accreditation process (please complete the online form to register your interest in becoming an accredited coach).

  • Deliver a safe program that meets specific program objectives including:

    • Using modified taekwondo exercises that address fall prevention, cardiovascular/musculoskeletal health, and social/mental wellbeing;

    • Cultivate a positive participant experience that highlights the benefits of taekwondo; and

    • Educate participants on healthy living using national health messages.

  • Promote Ageless Taekwondo through the local community.

  • Report program participation and testing results to Taekwondo Australia.


Program Guidelines

To effectively deliver the Ageless Taekwondo program, there are a number of research-based guidelines that have been established for optimal session implementation. They are summarised below, with more information to be provided once coaches have completed the accreditation process.

How do I access the Ageless Taekwondo program resources?

There are a limited number of coach resources that can be found on this website on the Resources page


Access to the full suite of Ageless Taekwondo resources will be provided to accredited coaches. To commence the coach accreditation process, please contact Australian Taekwondo via the contact form.