Welcome to Ageless Taekwondo - an exciting program that takes the great sport of Taekwondo to a whole new audience whilst making Australia a healthier and happier place.



Taekwondo is a sport that provides people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to get active and improve all aspects of their health. With this in mind, Australian Taekwondo partnered with Sport Australia to encourage more older Australians to incorporate participation in sport and physical activity into their everyday lives – and the Ageless Taekwondo program was born!

Ageless Taekwondo is a national initiative that uses modified Taekwondo exercises to address a number of specific health issues in Australians over the age of 65, including:

  • Falls prevention.

  • Cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health.

  • Social and psychological wellbeing.

All exercises are modified to be suitable for each participant based on their level of fitness and ability, whilst being delivered by accredited coaches in a safe environment.


Australian Taekwondo would like to acknowledge the support of Sport Australia for their support in making the Ageless Taekwondo program possible.


Find more information about Ageless Taekwondo here.